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Catering Services by The Sprouted Fig Restaurant in Vernon BC | Our goal is to nourish our customers one bite at a time.

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Catering Options

We offer many different options that are perfect for any gathering. We serve as few as 6 people and as many as 100.

We can help you with everything from weddings to business lunches to private functions. Contact us to help you construct the perfect feast for your event. 

*When you place an order for 6 or more people we offer FREE DELIVERY!

Lunch Combos

For 6 – 100 people

Enjoy a selection of assorted half sandwiches and your choice of soup or salad. Everything is made fresh on the day. Add some drinks or our signature cappuccino and complete the meal. Pick up your order or we even deliver throughout Vernon.

 * When you order for 6 or more people we offer FREE DELIVERY*


Have it on Gluten Friendly Bread for an extra $1.99

Sandwiches                                         Soups                                  Salads

Ham and Monterrey Jack                      Meat                                    Beet and Feta

Roast Beef and Aged Cheddar            Vegetarian                            Spinach and Mandarin

Roasted Turkey and Swiss                                                               Greek Goddess

Vegetarian                                                                                         Homemade Potato



-Assorted Half Sandwich + Soup or Salad
-Plates, Napkins, Bowls, and Cutlery


6 or more people

Need something with a little less maintenance? Try our Sandwich Baskets. Mix and match your choice of meat, vegetarian, egg salad, or vegan.You can also leave the decision to us and we will send you an assortment!

Ham and Monterey Jack
Roast Beef and Aged Cheddar
Roasted Turkey and Swiss
Egg Salad
Vegetarian (your choice of cheese)

$12.00/Regular Sandwich

$8.00/Egg Salad

Have it on Gluten Friendly Bread for an extra $1.99

-Lettuce, Sprouts, House Spread, Tomatoes, Onions, Pickles, Meat, Cheese
– Plates, Napkins, and Cutlery

Vegetarian only:
– Avacado, Cucumber

Vegan only:
– Red Pepper or Regular Hummus, Avacado, Cucumber

Gourmet Charcuterie Boards

10 or more people

 If you just need a snack for your meeting or event, our gourmet charcuterie will surely satisfy your needs! Our boards are artistically designed using a fine selection of meats and cheeses. These incredible arrangements are guaranteed to impress at your next gathering!

Small $50.00
10 people 

Medium $75.00
25 people

Large $100.00
30-40 people

X-Large $150.00
50 people or more


 -Gourmet selection of crackers

-Selection of Fine Meats

-Assortment of delicious cheeses

-Variety of nuts, olives, fine fruits and vegetables


Fruit and Vegetable Platters

*10 or more people

If you’re looking for a light healthy snack, then we’ve got you covered. We can put together some fresh and beautiful platters using ingredients that are local and in season.


Small $45.00 25 people or less

Medium $55.00 30 – 45 people

Large $75.00 50 or more people


Small $35.00 25 people or less

Medium $45.00 30 – 45 people

Large $55.00 50 or more people

Please note: Prices are subject to change due to seasonal effects and food costs.

Baked Goods and Coffee Pots

6 or more people

*10% off orders of 6 or more people (and NO TAX)!

The perfect choice for an early morning meeting. Enjoy an assortment of baked goods and a complete Coffee and/or Tea Station. All of our baked goods are prepared and baked in house.

Cookies                                                                     From the Oven                  

Cappuccino Shortbread – $1.99                             Cinnamon Buns – $4.99 | Half sizes – $3.00

White Chocolate Key Lime – $1.99                         Muffins – $2.99 | Half sizes – $1.50

Gluten Free, Vegan Chocolate Chunk – $2.50       Scones (Sweet and Savory) – $2.99 | Half size – $1.50

Gluten Free Peanut Butter – $2.00                         Double Chocolate Brownie – $3.99

*Cookie packs by the half dozen are the most cost effective! Call us for details.

Dessert Squares

Get an assortment of our hard to resist dessert squares. $3.00 per person

  • Crumble Bar | $2.99 (Individual)
  • Double Chocolate Brownie | $3.99 (individual)
  • Rice Crispy Square | $2.99 (individual)

Pumper Pot of Coffee or Tea – $15.00

Cream, stir sticks, sweeteners (sugar, stevia, honey) included


-Your choice of baked goods

-Napkins, plates, cutlery

Are you looking to have something customly designed by our extremely talented Chef Lisa? From Buffets to Fine Cuisine to Hors D’oeuvres to Deserts, with Chef Lisa’s leadership, The Fig Catering can do it all! Every event is different and unique in its own way. Tell us about yours below.

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